Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Planet Hulk the Direct to DVD...uh...DVD?

So in one of Marvel's fancy sales figures...thing (actually their Q4 2007 numbers) it was revealed that not only is the Incredible Hulk coming to an animated series in Spring of 2009 and a Direct-To-DVD Hulk Vs. movie for January 2009 but they are also going to release a Planet Hulk Direct-To-DVD flick in February, 2010.

Interesting, says I.
They are also releasing a series titled (for the moment anyhow) a property called Super-Hero Squad. I wonder if they are actually going to produce a little kids geared series based on their Spider-Man and Friends line of toys that started coming out years back. Not that I would watch it (I got burned on Teen Titans. It was like someone took my favorite Mom and Pop pizza joint and replaced if with a Chuck-E-Cheese) but that's pretty cool.

Still, a Planet Hulk movie would be interesting. I enjoyed the story if not all of the execution.


T.H. Elliott said...

A new hulk movie would be cool. Do they have the planet hulk or world war hulk stuff collected in a trade paperback yet?

alice said...

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joannakrupa said...

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